purveyors of curious thangs


2878 ST HWY 14, Madrid, NM 87010  505-474-4893

Based in the Sugar House neighborhood of Salt Lake City, artist Fred Conlon creates a variety of metal based functional and artistic sculptures, from a grinning army helmet turtle to his increasingly well-known Gnomebegone collection.
Originally from Steamboat Springs, Fred graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Public Relations.  He initially opened his pottery shop in October, 1998, and moved into full metal production in 1999.
Finally—rid your garden of those pesky ceramic garden gnomes with Gnomebegone! (That’s Gnome-Be-Gone for the punctuator in you).  That’s right, now your garden can be free of those kitschy little garden invaders.  Who do they think they are, wearing tiny red dunce caps and pushing inefficient wooden wheelbarrows?   Gnomebegones lure, scare, lasso, harass, hand grenade, and port away all of your pesky garden gnomes.

Fred Conlon