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Postali Postage Stamp Jewelry by Kelsey Norris

Stamps aren’t just for collecting! Each individual stamp has its own story, and in a way, is a miniature work of art. Stamps represent the romance of a handwritten letter, the thrill of travel, and the nostalgia for a past long gone. Why not turn these amazing little pieces of art into jewelry that can be worn every day? Kelsey Norris begins her process by carefully choosing a stamp based on its color, design, and country of origin. It is then meticulously cropped to fit a high-quality bezel, and then sealed with resin to enhance the stamp’s colors and ensure its durability. Each piece of jewelry is highly unique, as duplicate stamps are rarely found. Included with each piece is a small, handcrafted tag detailing the stamp’s origin and date of issue, if available. Postali Jewelry is made of stamps from such countries as Italy and Argentina to Morocco and Mozambique. With so many wonderful places to choose from, the only question to ask is: “Where do you want to go today?"

Kelsey Norris