Kirk Righter

Local artist Kirk Righter, states,” I have several phases that I go through, including organic (leaves, pea pods, etc.), industrial (lots of screws and rivets) and anatomical (I am fascinated by medical diagrams, which usually involve their representation via use of water slide decals). I create pieces almost exclusively in a particular phase until I have run out of ideas, which is always accompanied by the intrusion of ideas from another phase. I never interpret my own art, as this only gets in the way of creativity. I try not to over-think my design or execution, but I do what feels right at the time. Every viewer has his/her own ideas about my art, so if you ask me what a particular piece means, I will ask you to tell me what you think it means. My interpretation does not matter as much as yours.”

purveyors of curious thangs


2878 ST HWY 14, Madrid, NM 87010  505-474-4893