purveyors of curious thangs


2878 ST HWY 14, Madrid, NM 87010  505-474-4893

Our Story

2878 St Hwy 14 Madrid, NM 87010


We are Paul Wesley (Weasel) Dickson and Susan (Fitz) Fitzgerald.  We opened Weasel & Fitz in November 2007 in the former ghost town of Madrid, New Mexico, a place we'd fallen in love with some ten years earlier when we were living in New York City.

We moved from New York to the Land of Enchantment in 2001 for family reasons and ended up hooked on New Mexico. While we always thought we'd eventually live in Madrid, for career reasons we lived for a time in Albuquerque and then Corrales, NM.  When the former Fuse Gallery came up for sale in early 2007 we decided to make the leap!  Some renovations to the space, and the gathering of artists, and Weasel & Fitz was born.

The focus of the gallery / store is recycled, found object, and whimsical local folk art and craft. We are intrigued with the idea of art created from discarded items, especially the idea of new uses for old things. Whether it's lamps made out of used chopsticks, flowerpots from old tires, clocks from computer parts or lamps and shades made from discarded plumbing and license plates, we simply love it!