purveyors of curious thangs


2878 ST HWY 14, Madrid, NM 87010  505-474-4893

Paul Guillemette

Paul Guillemette has been an artist/sculptor all of his life. In 2008 he started making furniture and in 2010, jewelry.  Guillemette Wood Jewelry is carried in many stores in Los Angeles, New York and Montana. You can see all of his work at www.PaulGuillemette.com


"The art I make with found materials, primarily wood, is initially inspired in the moment of finding. Coming across beauty in unexpected places at no particular time stirs something deep inside me. What I do with the materials back in my studio takes many different directions. Primarily, I seek to reveal that beauty in ways that can be funny, metaphorical, ironic or literal, and the result contains its own narrative: from living tree with an intricate grain of capillaries, to a cheap and useful material, to seemingly useless trash, to a thing of pure, deep beauty. Most of the jewelry I make I use found wood and resin. I leave it natural, or with the spatters of paint that are found on it - or sometimes I add my own color. Often you can see the rings of the tree, the grain of the wood - or the marks of the woods previous use. The chain I use is all gold filled or sterling silver and the ring blank."