purveyors of curious thangs


2878 ST HWY 14, Madrid, NM 87010  505-474-4893

Sue Nordman

Taliswoman Artist's Statement
A rusted washer, a newly fallen leaf, tangles of colored string.  Ancient cliff dwellings baking in the desert sun.  A sewer grate filled with colorful stones. Decaying industrial detritus.  Incandescent berries festooning a bush.  Ancient petroglyphs on a sandstone wall. Scraps of colorful packaging lying next to sodden corrugated cardboard.  Brightly colored pebbles and shells submerged in shallow water.  Peeling plywood weathering under the relentless burning sky. Corroded mining equipment and vehicles left abandoned to the harsh elements.

Texture, pattern, repetition, form, juxtapositions and color, the patina of age delights and wonders.  Everything has a story waiting to be told.  Everything is waiting for someone to be inspired by its very existence.  Things that were useful in one context are reborn as inspiration into another.  My artwork, whether it is jewelry that adorns one's body, or an art sculpture to grace a wall, is inspired by the teeming riot of possibilities I see going about in my daily life.  Everything is fodder for creativity, regardless of its inherent importance.  That is just how I see things.